Letting the sun shine in

Dad said he was going to come by yesterday evening and trim a few limbs off the tree in the back so the garden got more sun. When we left for dinner, he was on a step ladder with a set of loppers.

When we came home he was on an extension ladder with an electric saw.

Daddy taking down limbs

Those few limbs were about as much as a medium sized tree all over our yard.

Trimming a few limbs

We went from bundling a few limbs to him calling for a special trash pick up this week. But those last two tomato plants (two of 24, remember) will get more sun this summer.

One thought on “Letting the sun shine in

  1. I am reminded of the time when I was about 40 years old and I was painting the gable end of my two-story house and I felt very shaky when my feet got above the 2nd floor windows. My neighbor's father saw me and asked what I was doing. Proudly I answered "I'm painting the house and saving a lot of money." He watched me for a moment and asked "What'll you do if you fall off the ladder?" That was the last time I painted my house.

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